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Since 1921 our company has been known for the consistency and quality that distinguishes it. Aram Koumian, from the city, came to Greece when he was young and opened a shop in Kypseli at 4 Zakynthos Street. He was repairing watches and in the shop window there was only one watch, nothing else!

As his son Zadik Lambros Koumian grew up, he fell in love with work and art and took over the business himself. He grew his business by making handmade jewelry. The Athenians and the people of Kypseli supported him in this effort and he became known throughout Athens.

For the last 20 years, together with his son now, Panagiotis Koumian, father and son continue to stand out in a jewelry store for Athens in the heart of the city.


Always with respect and honesty to the customer, we offer jewelry made of gold or white gold in 14 and 18 carats.

In collaboration with the best workshops in Greece and Italy, our jewelry stands out for its quality and construction!